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About TMA


What is a TMA
Why do we exist?

TMA stands for Transport Management Association.  Wynyard Quarter TMA (WQ TMA) is an independent group of businesses whose mission is to be “the voice of Wynyard Quarter: creating a thriving environment for business and community and fostering economic vitality by building partnerships, and delivering targeted transport initiatives.” 

The formation of a voluntary Transport Management Association (TMA) was a condition of the original planning consent issued for Wynyard Quarter (WQ).  It was proposed in the District Plan in 2004 as a way in which transport and travel to the area could be managed to meet the needs of all stakeholders. For more background information see the FAQ section.

Who are we? Introducing WQ TMA Board

The Board meets monthly and sets the direction for WQ TMA.  Any member of the TMA can, by arrangement attend the Board meetings. 

Elections to the Board are held each year and any eligible member of the TMA can stand for election.  Click on the links below to view:

A list of current Board members

Notes from previous Board meetings

Dates of Board meetings 2024

Election to the Board of WQ TMA 

The Board elections take place each year at the Annual General Meeting, held in November. Only full members of the TMA can stand for election.  

Election to the Board fact sheet - gives information about the process and answers any questions you may have.   

Board election nomination form needs to be completed and sent in by a designated date (see form for date).

Complete the Board nomination form online here

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year in November. At the AGM there is a review of activities from the previous year, a review of the TMA accounts and the election to the TMA Board. 

Notes from previous AGMs can be found here

Current members of WQ TMA
What is a TMA
who we are
Election to the Board
Current Members
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