Share a lifT

save time & money

Save time – use T2 and T3 lanes

Save money – share the cost of parking and fuel

Reduce congestion

Make new friends

Do your bit for the environment

How does it work?

To take a look at your options simply hop onto the site put in your home address (or suburb) and your destination. For example Murrays Bay to Wynyard Quarter.  The app will show potential car pool partners (you may be looking for drivers or passengers).  These matches are displayed on a map so you can see where they are travelling from.  The app will also show you public transport, walking and cycling options!

As you scroll down you will see icons indicating gender, if the person smokes or not, and if they want to be a driver or passenger, as well as the days they can carpool.  By clicking on a person you can see the specific times that they travel. 

Once you find someone you would like to carpool with simply email them.  You can only contact people once you are registered and logged in.  Registration is quick and easy and is absolutely free.  When you get to the Employer / College question please select Wynyard Quarter from the drop down menu.  What are you waiting for? 


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